Merced County’s Strategic Position

California is the 5th largest economy in the world and the largest economy in the United States. Merced County is literally located at the heart of this massive market, while also offering extremely efficient supply chain connectivity to innovative, high-tech markets in the US and North America, and to more distant markets. Merced County’s business climate provides the ideal situation to foster new ventures and grow established ones. With entrepreneurial and innovative approaches, Merced County continues to develop its business environment. The County is uniquely positioned to support a range of supply chain requirements including high-velocity air cargo logistics, low-cost and dependable ocean transport and fast overland domestic connections.


At the heart of the large California market, Merced County’s vast transportation infrastructure provides an ideal, centralized location, to access to the State’s main markets including Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, San Diego and Fresno. Additionally, the Merced County location also offers quick one day ground transportation to nearby markets such as Las Vegas, Portland, Phoenix and Reno.


Merced County and its communities are the ideal, business friendly, location to do business in one of the largest economies in the world. With business incentives and tax breaks in place, an efficient government working for its companies, a welcoming community of new opportunities, and with one of the most affordable real estate prices in the state, Merced County is ready to do business. Invest in Merced County.


Commuter Rail and High-Speed Rail

Beginning in 2019, the Altamont Express commuter train is scheduled to begin service to San Jose/Silicon Valley. The ACE Train will originate at Merced with station stops elsewhere in the County. This service will expand the size and depth of the skilled labor shed that Merced County businesses can draw from with talent being able to easily go in and out of the heart of the world’s most important technology hub.


Merced County is on the planned route map for the California High-Speed Rail line that will directly connect to center city Los Angeles and San Francisco. Once, open the line will allow Merced to San Francisco service in about 45 minutes and into downtown Los Angeles in about 90 minutes.



With four major airports within two hours (San Francisco (SFO), San Jose (SJC), Oakland (OAK), and Sacramento(SMF)), Merced County provides direct passenger and cargo connectivity to North American markets, as well as key international markets in Europe, South America and Asia. Taken together, these four airports offer unrivaled passenger route connectivity to North American and oversea markets – producing a very strong network for high-speed point-to-point belly cargo. Combined with easy access to Los Angeles (LAX), businesses in Merced County can also access integrator and freighter cargo service to just about every point on the globe.



For inbound and outbound ocean transport, Merced County has easy access to major West Coast seaports and an array of ocean carrier routes to Asia, South America and Europe. The Port of Oakland is less than two hours away by truck and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are located just south via either CA99 or Interstate 5. Merced County has recently entered into a partnership with the Port of Los Angeles to directly support client requirements. Being the busiest seaport in North America with the most extensive global route network, having the Port of Los Angeles as a direct resource will be a very significant benefit to existing businesses and to those that are considering California as an investment location.



Both the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) and the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) have transcontinental mainline tracks that run through Merced County. Having access to both of these Class One Railroad’s national route network is a tremendous advantage for businesses moving large quantities of cargo or heavy, oversized cargos. The BN services directly into the Mid-California International Trade District, while both rail systems are proximate to both rail lines. For access to long-haul container rail, there are multiple intermodal ramp access points located nearby at locations just north and south of the County.