Transportation Connectivity

Merced County is extraordinarily well-positioned to reach California’s large supply chain hubs and to international markets via direct connectivity to nationally-important global seaport and airport assets. At the intersection of the Bay Area and the northern portion of the Central Valley, Merced County is the ideal central location for accessing California’s major markets and global logistics assets. Located immediately east of Silicon Valley, Merced County’s assets are at the doorstep of the most important technology industry cluster in the world.


Merced County’s connectivity is enabled by direct access to significant North American transportation infrastructure. The County is connected by excellent ground transport infrastructure, with major highways and rail corridors connecting it to key domestic and international markets.


Two major north-south highway corridors bisect the County, providing for direct, high-speed cargo transit to major West Coast markets.


  • The CA-99 Corridor provides for direct access to the Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento to the north, and Fresno-Bakersfield and Los Angles to the south. This Corridor connects to the Port of Stockton, Port of Oakland, Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and international airports in San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.
  • The I-5 Corridor links Merced County to the Bay Area (from two directions, East Bay and South Bay) and to all West Coast markets from Seattle to San Diego/Mexico. This Corridor connects to Port of Oakland, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and international airports in San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.


Merced’s connectivity to the major West coast seaports (Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland) provides a half-day dray (or less) to the marine terminal, allowing for same day sailing onward to markets in Asia, South America, Europe and Africa. Access to major passenger and cargo airports is enabled by fast travel to four international airports (Oakland/San Jose/San Francisco/Sacramento). With a range domestic and international passenger routes and cargo via belly, integrator and freighter service, a Merced County location is well-positioned to support reliable and high-velocity global supply chains.


Merced County understands that transportation infrastructure provides lifeblood connectivity to business. Taking a proactive approach, the County and State have taken steps to modernize and expand its infrastructure, with a range of projects including CA-99, I-5.


Merced County companies enjoy direct access to two major transcontinental rail systems. Burlington Northern Santa Fe maintains 43 miles of track in the County which are an element of its national route system. BNSF spur access is available, with one being located directly into the Mid-California International Trade District. Traveling south on BNSF lines, Merced County connects to markets such as Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and beyond to the east. Union Pacific also provides rail service to the area. UPRR are located all around the San Joaquin River and Merced County and maintains 84 miles of track. These two rail lines provide access for manifest cargo and to intermodal ramps with efficient access to major West Coast ports and major distribution hubs.


In terms of passenger transportation, Merced County is gaining two very important connections to the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The development of high-speed commuter rail – the California High-Speed Rail Authority has begun construction and it route plan goes right through Merced County. A major rail station is planned for downtown Merced with an expected opening date of 2025. This state of the art system will allow for easy commutes into downtown San Francisco or Los Angeles and point in between. Additionally, Merced County will soon become part of the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) system. The State of California is investing $400M to extend the ACE to Merced County and there are 3 planned stations: Livingston, Atwater, and City of Merced. This investment will allow for everyday commuting in both directions, and importantly allow Merced County companies to draw on a wider labor shed, making it easy for Bay Area residents to get to jobs in Merced County.

To the South Bay and Silicon Valley
79 miles Silicon Valley via State Road 152
122 miles San Francisco International Airport
82 miles San Jose International Airport


To the Easy Bay
99 miles Oakland and East Bay cities
93 miles Oakland International Airport


To Sacramento
99 miles Sacramento, State Capitol
112 miles Sacramento International Airport


To the San Joaquin Valley
Stockton, Tracy
Port of Stockton


To the Central Valley
Stockton, Bakersfield
Agricultural base
Rail intermodal assets


To Los Angeles
Large consumption and technology production market
LAX, Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach