Merced County and its Regions

Located where California’s Central Valley and the Silicon Valley touch, Merced County offers a range of community settings, ranging from mid-sized urban cites with the amenities of a larger region, to smaller places with a small-town atmosphere. Formed in 1855 and covering an approximate land area of 1,980 square miles, the County derives its name from the Merced River which runs through the area. Between 1841 and 1844, during the period when the area was a territory of independent Mexico, a series of Mexican land grants were made resulting in what became Merced County.


Today, Merced County is home to the cities of Merced, Atwater, Livingston, Los Banos, Gustine and Dos Palos. These are self-governing cities that offer a range of local services. Additionally, there are other vibrant communities in the County – including Delhi, Franklin/Beachwood, Hilmar, Le Grand, Planada, Santa Nella, and Winton.


Merced County Map


Atwater is a thriving and growing city located in the heart of Merced County. Located alongside the City of Merced, the two cities comprise the Merced-Atwater metropolitan region which together creates a sizable market as the anchor to the wider County. With a vibrant downtown, a strong mixture of healthy residential neighborhoods and healthy commercial and industrial areas, Atwater is a community that has a deliberate plan to grow.

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Strategically located on the northern section of Merced County, and surrounding part of the CA-99 Corridor, Delhi is ideally situated to the markets of Turlock, Modesto, Stockton and Sacramento. Creating a stronger economic environment in conjunction with Livingston and Hilmar, the area provides ideal location to businesses that need efficient access to road transportation. With available land along CA-99, the area offers high growth potential to businesses in need of space and accessibility to neighboring markets.

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Dos Palos

Named after its picturesque poplar trees, Dos Palos is a city with history as well as a city looking towards the future. Boasting a steady agricultural and farming base, there are many opportunities for growth and expansion for many industries including food processing. Located in the western portion of Merced County, Dos Palos is served by State Highway 33 near Los Banos. Dos Palos’ downtown has a quaint old world feel that is anchor to a close-knit set of neighborhoods in a healthy small-town atmosphere. Access to State Highway 152 makes Dos Palos easily accessible to the major commercial and government centers in Merced County. Just a few miles from the CA-99 Corridor, Dos Palos provides access to the Bay Area (both the South Bay and East Bay) and Los Angeles.

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Nestled between the CA-99 Corridor and Santa Fe Road, the Franklin/Beachwood community offers a direct connection to both Southern and Northern California, as well as a direct connection to the Mid-California International Trade District via Santa Fe Road. Reflecting a strong residential and local business base, the Franklin/Beachwood area is a good location for a host of business that will benefit from its prime transportation accessibility.

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With a pleasant small-town feel and a pleasant downtown area, the City of Gustine is an excellent place to live and to operate a business. Just a few miles from the strategic I-5 Corridor, the City provides direct, no-stoplight access to Northern California markets including the East Bay, Tracy/Patterson, Stockton and also to Southern California markets. Access to global market is easy through Oakland’s seaport and the international airport is only 94 miles away. With the Bay Area and San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties being within commuting distance, Gustine provides area businesses a rich and deep labor pool to draw from. With a range of industrial and commercial sites available, Gustine is able to accommodate significant new investment.

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Home of Hilmar Cheese and the largest cheese manufacturing facility in the world, Hilmar is a fast-growing region of Merced County. Its North County location is very attractive due to its proximity to the Bay Area and markets in Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties. A town rich in agricultural history, the community enjoys the economic benefits of being close to both the CA-99 Corridor and the I-5 Corridor. Hilmar has a quaint small town feel and great transportation access to the Bay Area and points north, and has been growing very quickly with new residential development. Its combined high quality of life is enabled by its location, strong local economy and growing resident base.

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Le Grand

Le Grand is a southeast neighbor to the City of Merced. Le Grand is home to many nut companies and related food industries as well as an agriculture community that is oriented to serve businesses in the food production sector. Located near the CA-99 Corridor, the community’s location provides good access to both Northern and Southern California markets. With its attractive available industrial land and proximity to larger markets, Le Grand is ideal to accommodate new companies and industries.

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Being a city on the rise, Livingston is growing thanks to a decade of proven growth. Strategically located in the north of Merced County along the CA-99 Corridor, Livingston’s industrial assets offer fast access to the Bay Area/East Bay and San Joaquin Valley markets such as Modesto, Stockton and Sacramento. Demonstrating its strategic business location, the Livingston area is home to a range of national companies including Dole Packaged Foods, E&J Gallo Winery and Foster Farms. Supported by a rich workforce shed, Livingston draws skilled workers from throughout Merced County but also Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties.

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Los Banos

The City of Los Banos is a vibrant anchor to the western portion of Merced County. Situated adjacent to the busy I-5 Corridor, Los Banos is a growing, dynamic community with a quintessential small city downtown at its core. From a business perspective, Los Banos has a uniquely strategic setting, being located near the intersection of I-5 and State Route 152. This location allows for easy road connections to both the South Bay/San Jose and northward to the East Bay. In fact, because of its proximity to the Bay Area and its affordable residential property values, Los Banos has a large percentage of its workforce regularly commuting into the area for work.

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City of Merced

The City of Merced is the largest town in Merced County and is the seat of Government. As Merced County’s core, the City of Merced is home to major retail, commercial, and industrial centers in the area. The City has a healthy and diversified economy. It houses McLane Pacific and SaveMart Distribution center, two groceries distribution centers. Additionally, boat manufacturing companies like Malibu Boats and Fine Line Industries are housed within the city. Furthermore, companies like Safeway, RTS Packing, and Scholl Corporation, among others chose to locate in Merced City.

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Nine miles east of Merced sits the community of Planada. It houses one of the most transited entrances to Yosemite National Park via Highway 140. Yosemite Park sees over 3 million visitors per year, giving businesses that chose to locate in the area an ideal location for economic growth to those that want to capitalize on its commuter traffic. Thriving industries on the location range from agriculture and food processing. Future community plans include the development of a new business park and new affordable housing development.

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Santa Nella

As Merced County’s most proximate location to the Bay Area and located directly on the I-5 Corridor, Santa Nella offers superior access to the San Francisco, San Joaquin Valley and Los Angeles markets. Santa Nella is well-positioned to the Port of Oakland, Port of Stockton and the Oakland International Airport. With a range of available and affordable industrial and commercial real estate, Santa Nella is a prime location for businesses relying on high-velocity and reliable transportation.

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Located west of Atwater, Winton takes advantage of being adjoined to Atwater’s commercial and residential resources. Winton’s location provides quick access to both Atwater and Merced, while also being less than 3 miles from the Mid-California International Trade District. Its location just off the CA-99 Corridor provides ground transportation connectivity to the rest of the state. Winton is well-positioned to the Turlock, Modesto, Stockton and Sacramento markets. Southbound, Winton is connected to the Fresno and the Los Angeles Market.

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