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Qualified Labor Force

Demographics & Workforce

With a growing population and several agencies dedicated to enhancing the labor pool, Merced County’s workforce quality is on the rise. The University of California – Merced and Merced College are focused on the educational attainment of our residents and Workforce Investment Department provides specialized training to adults to assist employers with recruitment.

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Diverse Economy

Industry Sectors

With significant road and rail infrastructure connecting Merced County to neighboring and onward markets, the County is extremely well-positioned to support the needs of a range of sector, including: Automotive, Commercial Space Systems, Food Processing, Industrial Machinery, Medical Products and Supplies, Specialty Chemicals, and Regional Distribution.

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Find Your Opportunity

Property Search

Take advantage of our data/mapping capabilities to find the best site to suit your company. Our GIS Mapping software allows you to analyze our region by illustrating site location, local businesses, and data visualization, among other information.

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Automotive Sector

Next-generation automotive technology

Merced County is host to the California AutoTech Testing, Development and Production Campus. This state of the art facility is a purpose-built testing and development facility that is designed to support leading global companies in their work to develop, perfect and produce tech products.

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Commercial Space Systems Sector

California firms lead the nation space-related activities

The Mid-California International Trade District @ Castle in Merced County offers commercial space companies a strategic and competitive location and an entrepreneurial environment.

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Food Processing Sector

Merced County offers a strong ecosystem in food processing and its support industries

Merced County has a unique opportunity to leverage its agriculture resources, industrial capacity and location to catalyze the economic growth of an important value-added industry in California.

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Industrial Machinery Sector

Key trends make Merced County an ideal location for the industrial machinery sector

Merced County is located in a rich sweet spot, being in-between Los Angeles and the Bay Area with easy access to key global logistics assets like the Port of Oakland and Los Angeles.

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Medical Products & Supplies Sector

Merced County is well-positioned to function as an extension of the Bay Area market

Merced County allows for easy operational efficiencies between Bay Area R&D and Merced production and distribution.

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Regional Distribution Sector

Merced County is strategically located in the center of California

Major industrial sites are available that are designed for regional and super-regional distribution facilities are located along the I-5 Corridor and the CA-99 Corridor.

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Specialty Chemicals Sector

Merced County’s accessibility and connectivity are ideal for the specialty chemicals sector

The Specialty Chemicals sector is the most compatible with the economic development vision for Merced County.

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